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Sharing a genre with Kate Bush, Robert Fripp, Sky Cries Mary, and Dead Can Dance, Blood of Roses blends sonic tapestries with introspective, disturbing imagery. Not musical comfort food, instantly digestible, Blood of Roses serves dark and introverted ideas which require time, reflection, and spiritual acemen for satisfaction and appreciation. The programmatic style of their music lends itself excellently to theatrical performances, and BoR has written many pieces for stage and film. Recently added are the percussive inspirations of Richard Kallet, heralding a new phase in the life of this extraordinary ensemble.

The Blood of Roses premier CD “Sangue” is available on Grey Wolf Records. Their latest CD, Iconic: the forthcoming Blood of Roses CD. Please be patient! BoR wants every note just so! is being re-thought in light of new inspirations.

Blood of Roses; Sturm und Drang

BoR would like to thank Mr. Jett Black of Nocturnal Movements and CD Baby for all the help and support he has shown Blood of Roses

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