A Florida native, Larry has been a reader of speculative fiction ever since he tore through the Tom Swift Junior series in the second grade, and it inspired a lifelong interest in science and technology. He chose to study at Florida State University and the University of Miami, and upon graduation he moved to Southern California to work as an engineer in the consumer and commercial audio industry. Switching careers in the late 90's, Larry now enjoys life in the mountains of Southern Utah where he writes and studies geology and astronomy.

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Read some of Larry's short stories:

The Greater of Two Evils early work, done during grad school

Jamie Reborn

..."Legends" (see below) liked the character so much she inspired Bread Crumbs in Mobius Space

Fly on the Wall

...The latest

and excerpts from his novels

The Virllian Password

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see the cover:

Bread Crumbs in Mobius Space

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see the cover:

Who Prays for god?

...first in the Kaalysti trilogy, then

Who Mourns for Giordano?

and finishing with

Who Curses the Devil?



Check out The Greater of Two Evils and more on Twilight Times Ezine a digital journal of Speculative Fiction!

"Jamie Reborn", is available in Legends Magazine! Here's what Legends has to say: "It's an amazing story! Great Work!"

"Jamie Reborn" is also available at Aphelion. Here's what they had to say: "Jamie Reborn" is a very impressive piece of science fiction...a very fine piece of work."

Larry is a proud member and supporter of the Libertarian Party